Wellcom To TabibDaru

Tabib Daru is one of the largest Raw Material Producers for Food, Herbal Pharmaceutical, and Health and Beauty Companies all over the world. It has a high variety in producing essential oils, oils, gums, extracts and other related products.

Time:7-10/12 /2015 The purpose of the APTEKA International exhibition which is held annually since 1994 in Moscow

Time: 27/10/2015 Since Tabib Darou Company always has activities in the field of export and knows "development of relations with abroad"

Germany Time: 2-6/10/2015 Mr. Mazaheri, the managing director of Tabib Darou Company, this year attended at Anuga specialized exhibition of food

Date: 29.09.2014 In order to introduce their skills and products and also communicate with other manufacturers and suppliers of medicinal plants

Date: 16.09.2014 Managing director of Tabib Daru Agro Industry Company attended the national meeting of 100 top brands of Iran