Wellcom To TabibDaru

Tabib Daru is one of the largest Raw Material Producers for Food, Herbal Pharmaceutical, and Health and Beauty Companies all over the world. It has a high variety in producing essential oils, oils, gums, extracts and other related products.

So the first action has been done for the preparation of greenhouse for producing the cuttings of above plants.

In this congress useful negotiations happened about the expansion of export from Iran to Oman and Russia. As well, some guests from Russia were there.

The presented products in the exhibition are natural essential oils, natural oils, rose water and plant waters, dried rose buds and rose attar.

Time:7-10/12 /2015 The purpose of the APTEKA International exhibition which is held annually since 1994 in Moscow

Time: 27/10/2015 Since Tabib Darou Company always has activities in the field of export and knows "development of relations with abroad"